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"I believe it's the perfect match, because Berluti wants to create new products and explore new worlds. We said that it might be a good partnership to work together. We always try to do a 360 degree activation when we partner with a company. The product is, of course the main element of the partnership. In this case, we said "let's put leather from Berluti on dial."

Guadalupe quickly identified leather's problematic nature, and the departure from dial covers that are more stable. "Using a live material in a sealed casing is very complex. The dial's nuances and the strap's nuances must be balanced perfectly. Leather has 30 percent of water still inside.

"The dial was a challenge because oxidation can be a problem for mechanical movements. We had to find sytems to remove the water without affecting the quality of finishing the leather.Audemars Piguet Replica Watches It was a real challenge, but I think the results are fantastic. We will use the brown with script that they are famous for, as well as the dark grey with the specific stitching on their shoes."

The watches will feature these signature details, and the packaging has been designed to reflect the Audemars Piguet Replica Watches and Berluti spirit. The watch will come in a Berluti-style shoebox, complete with cleaning products. The box is beautiful. We also use boxes when we sell watches. They are always astonished by them so we try to be creative."

It is an integral part of the Berluti experience. This product complements the other leather goods produced by this purveyor. Packaging plays a part. Guadalupe says, "It is important,zenith replica especially if you consider LaFerrari, which has a technological box that you can push to open. The packaging is what makes a difference to people today. They reuse the box at home and it serves as an extra tool of communication. If someone places his Audemars Piguet Replica Watches in the living room, people will look.

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